Kick Foosball Table Legend Review

Our Rating: [usr 4.6]

Review Summary:

This is the best Kick foosball table and it is the most expensive one. I am actually pretty impressed with this table and I have put it on the 2018 best foosball tables list. The design of the table is great, I love how they made legs curved and they did it to improve the stability of the entire table. The players are counterbalanced and the Chrome plated rods have wooden handles for better grip. The playing surface is extremely smooth and you won’t have a problem with dead balls on this field. Leg levelers provide straight surface and the only tiny disadvantage of this table is end ball return.


  • Sturdy base
  • Elegant design
  • Counterbalanced players
  • Wooden handles
  • check
    No dead balls


  • End ball return

The Reviews Kick Foosball Table Legend

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A foosball table is a great addition to any home or business. In fact, foosball is a fun and great way to relax and socialize while still maintaining some degree of competitiveness. Many people make their foosball table a family addition—just something to play on family game nights for an enjoyable bonding experience. Others use it for parties or in entertainment rooms.

Some people use foosball tables for office break rooms—what better way for an employee to relax than through a game! Many people just love playing foosball while some are even pros at the game! Whatever the reason you have for purchasing a foosball table, you can’t go wrong; it truly is a great addition to any setting.

Getting the greatest foosball table should come with features that guarantee something that is sturdy, high quality, and safe to use. A foosball table that many players love is the Kick Foosball Table Legend. Below is a review of the Kick Foosball Table Legend.

About The Product

The Kick Foosball Table Legend comes securely packaged in a heavy-duty box, which eliminates the risk of receiving a damaged product. When moving the box from place to place, it may be easier to carry with two people, since it is heavy. However, the assembly itself isn't a complicated process!

After assembly, the foosball table looks spectacular. It fits right in with other décor and looks like a piece of expensive furniture—however, it is way more fun than regular furniture!

This foosball table is straightforward and sturdy to play on. It is heavy-duty with durable construction so that it can endure rough games and child play. The customer service is excellent, and they are easy to get in touch with and speak too. Kids, beginners, and pros will love this foosball table! Here are some of the main features of the product:


Out Rating

[USR 4.6]

  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with uniformed men set
  • KICK brand quality
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    Convenient front ball return
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    Excellent and responsive customer service
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    Elegantly designed
  • Alternate Long Arrow Right
    Comes with counter balanced men set
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    Unlimited lifetime warranty
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    Sturdy leg levelers
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    Side scoring on each table end

What We Like

  • Its overall look. Again- this is a foosball table to be proud of. If you are building a state-of-the-art game room or even a bar, this table will fit in perfectly. It immediately gives off the look of intense and elegant play. We see it as being perfect for a bar. Not only is it functional, but it’s sleek and will add to the overall look of the room.
  • Durability. Kick brand preceded itself with this model. It’s built with chrome plated rods and sturdy legs. The curves of the legs aren’t just for looks—they also serve to stabilize it during heavy-duty play. This is a table that can stand up to even the most raucous group of players.
  • Flexibility. Kick built this table with some customizable options that we appreciate. First, it has four easy-to-adjust levelers so you won’t have to worry about an even playing field. Plus, it has a design with either 1-goalie or 3-goalies- depending on how you assemble it. This is a great feature that helps you to decide what style of play you want from the table.
  • check
    Gaming experience. It also offers one of the best gaming experiences that we have had on a foosball table. The reason is because of its attention-to-details. Kick made sure to put in the extras—extra-long table, well-designed players, easy-grip handles and sturdy construction.

What We Don't Like

  • Weight. Durability can come with a price and with this table it’s the bulk. We found a few other tables that were equitable in gaming experience and didn’t come with as much weight to them. This one stands at about 130-pounds, which may be a bit much for some households. Still—if you plan on stationing it in one place and leaving it there long-term it may work well.
  • Build. If you aren’t adept at building furniture, this likely isn’t the piece to start with. Do yourself a favor and find someone who can help. Not only will it save you time, but it can save you from having to correct errors later on.

Who Others Say

People with a game room, an office break room, or a family room to fill will benefit from purchasing the Kick Foosball Legend Table. This table makes a great center piece in any room, it looks great and matches with other furniture. Some foosball tables can look clunky or obnoxious, but this one is designed to look like a part of the home.

Foosball is also one of the most fun ways to fill any one of those areas. It will attract visitors and friends and will provide a great experience for kids or co-workers. A foosball table is a great way to get people to bond as they have a little pleasure.

This purchase would also be ideal for pro foosball players. It is designed to work just as well as any higher-end table that costs more money. For a fraction of the cost, this will give foosball players the professional feel they desire!


The Kick Foosball Table Legend comes with four sturdy 5-inch leg levelers. This means that your foosball table will remain sturdy no matter what surface it's placed on. If the surface itself is lopsided, you can adjust the levelers to compensate. This will create a level playing field for a proper game.

For premium safety, this foosball table comes with eight no-slip grip wooden handles and 8-rod safety caps. This will ensure that no accidental injuries will occur.

With unprotected foosball tables, the rods’ ends can hit a distracted player or curious child or the wooden handles can slip and fall on somebody, but with these safety measurements, playing foosball is 100% safe for all.


The Kick Foosball Table Legend is 55” of elegance. It is a warm chestnut color with fine wood grains that is sure to match any furniture style in the home. This foosball table will look like an expensive piece of classy furniture in your home.

This foosball table comes with 26 red and 26 blue foosball men. One is the home team, and one is the away team. There are slide scorings mounted on the end of each table. There are two options for the goalie: 1-goalie design or a 3-goalie design, depending on the player's' preference. The table comes with four official KICK foosballs.

The table’s playing field is ½”. Its dimensions are 55” L x 30” W x 36” H.


The Kick Foosball Table Legend is very convenient due to its design. Because it is so elegant and sleek, it can be placed in any setting without looking out of place. This makes it easy to find a place for your foosball table without having to redecorate.

This foosball table is convenient because it can be used by an array of people. Beginners, pros, children, and adults are all welcome here! This table is easy to use and suitable for all. This table is also convenient for parents because of the safety caps and grips. Parents won’t have to worry about their kids playing with or being around this foosball table.

Insider Thoughts

This Kick Foosball Table Legend is a great piece for a variety of different places. Because it can be used anywhere and by anyone, it is worth the price.


Moving the table may be hard due to its weight, so asking a friend to help will make the process easier. If you have any problems and questions or need any replacements, make sure to call KICK customer service! They love speaking to customers and are very helpful.

Use the adjustable leg levelers to keep the foosball table sturdy. You can manually adjust each corner a different way to ensure the straightest playing surface.

Buying Advice

Buy this foosball table for a workplace, home, entertainment/game room, classroom, and more! The best place to order this table from is Amazon. The retailer on Amazon provides free shipping and one-day shipping.

The verdict

The verdict on the Kick Legend foosball table is that it is a fantastic table for the money. It’s sturdy and offers hours of endless rough play. Due to its design and construction, it’s perfect for any bar area that wants a touch of class automatically added by the furnishings.

Though it is large and may require a lot of strength to move it, if you plan on having it stationed in one area of your house for the long-haul, it is still a great option. Test it out and you’ll likely enjoy how well it performs and stands up to any crowd of players.

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