Wireless Endoscope THZY Camera Reviews

Wireless Endoscope THZY 1200P HD 10m WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels Snake Camera for Android iOS Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet iPad Blue
  • The Newest WiFi Endoscope Android smartphone(Above Android 2.3),and iPhone IOS system(Above IOS 6.0) both are work. This is perfect for iPhone or android user who want do inspection work.
  • HD 2nd Light Interface Controller : The camera equipped with 6 circled HD tempered light leds that can greatly reduce image over-exposure, exhibits outstanding color temperature when using in dark environment.
  • High Resolution Camera Featuring with 2 Megapixels HD camera, with three adjustable resolutions 320x240, 640x480, 1280 x 720.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL - Advances in camera and LED miniaturization technology has allowed us to bring you an affordable snake inspection camera with a diameter of just 8mm, with excellent image quality and bright illumination.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarante:1.-blue light mean WiFi signal 2.- It cannot transfer voice to phone. THZY team offers every customer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't never about Amazon's 30 limited days return time, we offer every customer a 1 year warranty with 100% Money off guarantee.

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Easy to Clean, Good Quality Video, Long, Good App


Could use better instructions


The Wireless Endoscope THZY Camera is a cut above the rest.

Endoscope cameras are for more than medical procedures.  Like most advancements in technology, endoscope cameras are the result of a deep need to reach farther than ever possible with the limits of appendages and normal cameras. The entire function of an endoscope camera is to reach into and around tight areas that otherwise would never be visible for a specific purpose.

While endoscope cameras can come in many forms and at varying prices, many choose to pick one up for personal use for everything from plumbing to outdoor inspection work.

Whether its curiosity or to assess damage, a good endoscopic camera needs to be durable, flexible, and capable of capturing good quality videos and pictures.

The Wireless Endoscope THZY camera is one of the best-priced models on the market that provides fantastic picture quality worthy of every penny spent.  Made to be resilient and adaptable for a variety of uses, it is capable of getting high definition images and videos sent directly to your cell phone or tablet whenever it's needed.


  • Comes With One 33 Foot Endoscope Camera
  • All The USB & Micro USB Cables You Would Need
  • A User Manual That Includes Troubleshooting Info
  • Additional Accessories For Maximizing Reach & View

What We Liked

Connecting and getting started using the camera is a quick and easy process.  Like most wifi connected products, all it takes is installing the “Wifi View” application on your phone or tablet. 

You then have to activate your endoscope and when prompted bridge the connection to your phone.  There will be a wifi network setting and a factory password preset. 

After that, you can get straight into using it, experimenting with the mirror and other accessories included that are meant to make your endoscope as effective as possible.

The fixed camera setup makes it easier to use with one hand opposed to relying on zoom for a closer or more distant view focus.

The camera tubing itself is easy to clean, which is a big deal if you plan to use this for car maintenance like engine work or checking smaller nooks and crannies that will lead to oil or wetness getting on it.

The camera is certified for being resistant to most liquid based contaminants within reason. Meaning you can use it in your yard for checking down holes or even your toilet when there is a clog that you can’t seem to make sense of without fear that it will damage the camera or circuitry itself. 

Its HD quality is both a feature and the main selling point that makes it the clear choice for anyone that wants an endoscopic camera that is reliable without breaking the bank.  Most comparable models are either far more expensive or inferior picture quality wise.

Its length is perfect for most simple home projects, coming in at about 33 feet.

The six LEDs that are included make it a great for going into darkened areas without sacrificing overall picture quality. Each LED is set up to only illuminate within the controlled setting so that there isn’t an overly reflected image or video that will lead to a more hazy or obscured output visually.

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What Customers Say

One of the few complaints that a few had was that it didn’t support older models of iOs. So it required updates to be compatible.  A quick update for many and they were able to start using their camera.

One of the other small problems that a handful had was that they weren't 100% certain how to use the device as some received an instruction manual that had text that was too small.  This meant that they had to sort of wing it to figure out what would work for them.  But, almost all after commenting received a prompt email from the manufacturer with a PDF copy of the instruction manual.

Also, the wifi password on the app that is used to connect the endoscope to the internet only accepts letters and numbers.  So there is a problem if your password uses any strange characters such as dashes or exclamation marks for security.

However, most were satisfied with the overall quality of the product, and many raved about how awesome the customer service of the company was.  Whenever there were hardware issues or smaller support base questions, customer service was always responsive and helpful for handling replacements or offering tutorials for proper product usage.

Buying Advice

When it comes to picking up any piece of hardware let alone electronics, doing your due diligence is key. This means going above and beyond to carefully vet companies and products and marketplaces for the best product possible.

Endoscope cameras are no different. While it's easy to reach for the cheapest and quickest access product as possible, using legitimate marketplaces such as Amazon.com to pick up your next camera will go a long way to ensuring that you end up a happy customer. 

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If you intend to pick up a camera two things to consider are:

  • The Company
  • How You Intend To Use It

Your ideal camera should be picked up from a company with a track record of producing quality products but also helping customers to make the most of them.  As cameras become more advanced troubleshooting for the consumer is harder than ever even with support forums.  It helps to know that a company is responsive to making sure things are as straightforward as possible.

The second thing, making sure your camera fits your intended use is essential. In the case of endoscopic cameras, things like the length and system compatibility with your phone or tablet will go a long way to saving you time and money on ordering.  That, and making sure it is waterproof or dirt resistant or whatever else you would need.


The Wireless Endoscope THZY Camera is a cut above the rest.  Regardless of your project, it is sure to become a tool that you often use both out of necessity and enjoyment.

Have you ever used an endoscope camera? Any questions?

Leave them below.