DEPSTECH 1200P Wireless Endoscope Reviews

DEPSTECH 1200P Semi-rigid Wireless Endoscope, 2.0 MP HD WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera,16 inch Focal Distance & 2200mAh Battery Snake Camera
  • WiFi Connection, High Compatibility: Via WiFi from endoscope WiFi box, this unit can work with Android 4.2+ devices & iOS 6.0+, breaking through different plugs limits.
  • CamTele & Premium Camera Chip: Depstech's newest Camtele technology, enhanced camera lens, focal distance enlarges to 16' in from 1' in, with smoother 30 fps refresh rate.
  • 1600x1200P Resolution, HD Image & Live Feed Video Display: This snake inspection camera shoots further & clearer pics and videos in hard-to-reach places. Saved to your phone after connecting the Depstech app to your phone gallery.
  • 2200 mAh Batteries, Longer Working Time: lager than 1800 mAh capacity, Depstech endoscope can work up to 5H after fully charged, unlike those camera only working a few minutes.
  • Semi-ridged Cable, IP67 Waterproof & 6 Adjustable LED Lights: Flexible cable bends and holds its shape to access confined place, such as curved holes. Dark & wet areas will be easy to observe due to waterproof and blue LED tech

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Light, High Resolution, Wireless, Good Support


App isn't as good as we'd like


You're getting an endoscope that has app compatibility, high-resolution images, and has a light that can see through dimly lit areas.

Whether you're an established healthcare professional or a casual user trying to complete at home DIY projects, you can't go wrong with an endoscope.

Before we can get onto the review, we’re going to explain a few tips to consider before buying an endoscope. By following these tips, you’ll find it easier to get an endoscope that works best for you.

Types Of Endoscope

There are two types of endoscopes that are common in clinical usage. Bronchoscopes and gastroscopes.

Bronchoscopes have a two-way tip deflection of about 100 degrees in each direction, and about 180 in one direction to allow for retroflection over a soft plate.

You’ll also require water/air and suction insufflation, a working/biopsy channel and a working length of about 80cm. The outer diameter of about 3.5-5 mm is needed for all adult cats and dogs, although a 7-8mm gastroscope can act as a bronchoscope for larger dogs.

Flexible endoscopes are further divided into video endoscopes and fiber-optic endoscopes. Video endoscopes have no eyepiece; the image is being transmitted from a CCD video chip on the tip of an insertion tube that's directly onto a monitor. This creates a superior image but at a cost, because each endoscope essentially has its own camera system.

Gastroscopes feature a four-way tip deflection (around 180 degrees in each direction), a suction/biopsy channel and a length of at least 100 cm, and automatic water/air insufflation. For larger patients, having a device that has an operating length of 130-150 cm is essential to examine the caecum and small intestine.

The insertion tube's diameter should be no longer than 10mm, or it will go through smaller patient's pylorus. A diameter below 8mm makes passing through the pylorus easier in small cats and dogs but has to be offset against the biopsy channel - which is usually around 2 mm against a 2.8mm in a larger endoscope.

New Or Secondhand

Another important factor is whether you want to buy the endoscope in new or used condition. There are a lot of veterinary specific endoscopes that appear on the market. These endoscopes are more suited to patients than most human models, having about a 130-150cm insertion tube as standard.

Also, buying new gives you a warranty for a year, and the servicing or spares aren’t a problem. Suppliers will be happy to provide training, maintenance, and care free of charge. So consider speaking to your manufacturer after buying your endoscope to see what perks they can offer you.


Secondhand endoscope equipment can be bought from hospitals, auctions, or even on eBay. However, the quality of these materials might not be up to par in comparison to buying them new. Persuade the manufacturer to allow you to use it on trial for about a month before trying to use them permanently.

DEPSTECH 1200P Semi-Rigid Wireless Endoscope Features:

  • Premium Camera Chip
  • 1800 mAh batteries
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • 1600 x 1200p Resolution


With its extra durable snake cable and built-in camera, you'll be able to view items behind the scenes like never before.

Unlike competing endoscopes, the Despatch is available for IOS 6.0+ and Android 2.3+ smartphones, and it can support up to four different devices simultaneously. Syncing it to your phone is easy, simply connect it to WiFi network, download and install the WIFI VIEW app, then connect it to your phone for instant access.

This device uses the latest LED technology. It features over six adjustable blue lights placed on the camera tip. And it has a powerful 1200P camera that lets you capture HD images and videos. The videos are automatically saved in AVI while the images are saved in JPG.

Also, the Despatch features a powerful second generation camera chip, which helps you capture videos at an impressive 30fps. With its 3 adjustable resolution formats, you'll find it easy to adjust the camera's lighting based on the subject you're viewing.

It features an 11 ½ foot cable, which is useful users who need extra length to for those hard to reach objects. Plus, the camera is waterproof (IP 67 rating), so you won't have any issue recording in damp or wet environments.

Use the Despatch to drop in your fish tank or pet's cage to get a closer look at what's inside. Or use it for difficult to reach spots such as under the car's hood. Its semi-rigid cable allows users to hold its shape and bend which allows you to hold it in place when its help behind the user's ear.

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What Others Say

Now we’re at the point of our review where we can discuss the testimonials about the product. This will help you get a greater understanding if this endoscope is good or bad.

Most of the consumer reviews were positive. One stated that the manufacturer of the Depstech was cooperative and helped them solve their Wi-Fi connection problems quickly. Because of this, it’s safe to say that this product is backed by a reliable manufacturer who wants to provide the best endoscopes for their target market.

Moving onto the negatives. The app's functionality is the primary complaint users had with the device. The app is not user-friendly, and one consumer stated that they had to take at least 2 hours trying to remove it from their phone. Perhaps making the app more user-friendly will help improve the overall opinion of this endoscope.

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Buying Advice

Let's look at the value per dollar that this endoscope provides. For a price around $48, you're getting an endoscope that has app compatibility, high-resolution images, and has a light that can see through dimly lit areas. With its high performing battery core that lasts for up to 5 hours per charge, you're getting an endoscope that performs better than its competition.


We believe that the Despatch 1200P is a reliable device for both DIY users, construction workers, and for practice healthcare scenarios. Due to its multiple LED lights and 180-degree angle adjustments, you'll find it easier to find lost items and navigate through dark areas. Thus, try out this product and tell us what you think about it in the comments!

Last update on 2020-02-04 PST - Details / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API