Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table Review

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This foosball table is manufactured by Carrom. It is meant to provide the same quality as a tournament level table for a slightly lower price than other manufacturers, like Tornado. While this product may have a relatively low price point for competitive tables, you will find that the quality does not suffer at all.

When it comes to making a purchase such as this there are always going to be pros and cons to weigh. Let’s first look at the positives of this particular table.


  • Sturdy, superior quality design
  • Easy to use
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Reasonable price
  • check
    High quality materials
  • check
    Stylish construction
  • check
    Wide playing space


  • Manual leveling mechanism
  • Poor ball quality
  • Difficult assembly
  • ban
    Bearings are not smooth
  • ban
    Expensive price point
  • ban
    Could be difficult to set up for a new player

Whether you are single or you have a family, one thing is for certain, you like to be entertained when you are at home. While your computer, television, and video game systems can provide you with the entertainment that you need, there are other sources of entertainment available as well that are much more active.

One great choice for adding some entertainment to your home is to purchase a table game such as a pool table, air hockey table, ping pong table, or even better, a foosball table.

Many of the other table games take up a lot of space that you likely do not have. This is why a great foosball table is a good option for almost every home. Foosball tables come in a number of different sizes and provide hours of entertainment.

If you are looking for a foosball table for your home you have come to the right place. This review is about the Carrom Signature 55 inch Foosball table. This is a standard sized table that has a lot to offer.

The following review is based on a thorough evaluation of the features and capabilities of this foosball table and hopefully it will help you make an informed decision about purchasing it for your home use.

Reviews The Product

Carrom Signature Foosball (Source:

About The Carrom Signature Foosball Table


  • Measurements: 50.3 x 36 x 55 inches
  • Weight: 162 pounds
  • One inch thick burr oak finish
  • Playing surface: 0.375 inch with enamel screen print graphics
  • Rods: ⅝ inch, hollow steel, chrome plated
  • Premium bearings
  • Wood bead scoring system
  • Warranty: one year

Out Rating

[usr 4.2]


One aspect you will want to search for when buying a new foosball table is sufficient durability. This has a few advantages. The most important advantage you get with a durable foosball table is the increased longevity. A more durable table will be sure to last you a longer time, as it will be able to take more of a beating before it gives in.

A durable foosball table is an excellent choice if you have children with destructive tendencies or if you intend to play a large number of intense matches on it. High stakes matches can take just as much of a toll on your table as overly eager children, so be sure to invest in a model which is resilient enough to handle the damage.

Game Play

To ensure a smooth level of gameplay, there are high quality bearings that ensure you can spin your players fast and smoothly.

There is a scoring system which uses wooden beads, so you will never lose track of the score.

Once completely set up, the Carrom 525.00 Signature measures 50.3” by 36” by 55” (Width by height by depth) and weighs a total of 162 pounds.

This is a very durable game table that does take more than one person to lift it, just to do it easily and safely.

The Carrom 525.00 Signature is the latest when it comes to Carrom’s signature line of foosball tables.

If you are looking for a new product to make your rec room come to life, you may want to invest in the Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table.

It is the perfect crowd pleaser as it even comes with holders for your drinks, ball entry cups that are easy placed, and high-impact ball returns so you will never be waiting to keep the gaming going.

Carrom believes in unplugging your family from all forms of electronics and spending time connecting together.

They believe in family-oriented games and have been one of the main names in game making since 1889.

Playing the game of foosball is all about control.

If you have a device without the proper controls, you are not going to have a great time playing the game.

The wooden handles equipped on the Carrom 525.00 Signature have been made out of a premium octagonal wood, so you can have full control the entire time you play.

You can choose between a one- or three-man configuration for the goal keeper’s box.

This will keep things interesting and allows customization depending on a player’s style.

On both sides of the table there are convenient ball entry cups, to keep the pace going.


The Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table is resistant to water, just in case of spills, and the surface is fully screen printed.

The players on the table have been counter balanced, so they will never fall over or break.

The players have been made with a cross hatch toe design, so you can have full control over the game.

This ensures that even the most experienced of players will be happy with the product. The legs have been heavily miter-folded so they are strong and will last a long time.

If you are looking to increase the level of fun for the family, and have a product that actually works great, look into purchasing the Carrom 525.00 Signature.

Adjustable Leg Height

Many models of foosball table come included with legs that can have their height adjusted individually. This allows you to account for any unevenness on the playing surface that may be caused by the floor.

Most competitive foosball tables include this feature as standard, though it is not as common on more affordable models. The range of adjustment is usually only a few inches because adjustable legs are only meant to account for small differences in height. Look at some notable features of this product:

  • Table has been durability tested by the manufacturer
  • Table features a 1-inch thick Moroccan finish for better looks
  • Enamel screen printed lines and markings are featured on the playing surface
  • plus
    Hollow steel rods feature chrome plating in addition to 8 sided wooden handles
  • plus
    Premium bearings allow for better handle rotation
  • plus
    Table features dimensions of 50 inches x 36 inches x 55 inches


This foosball table is available in 3 colors, Moroccan, Agean Fresco, and Burr Oak. This is a neat feature as most tables only offer one color option. The different colors allow you to choose a table that will best fit into your game room design.

Who Is This Table For?

The Carrom Signature is great for beginners, intermediate players, and even some advanced players will enjoy this table. It is ideal for teenagers and adults. The counterbalanced men combined with the hollow rods make this a good choice for intermediate players, but this table would also be great to learn on.

What Others Say

We have also included the thoughts of several customers about this product which we have taken from reviews and testimonials. Most customers are very happy with the build quality of this foosball table, stating that it is one of the best-built models that they have ever used.

Regarding negatives, many customers had issues with the instructions. The included instruction booklet is not very well written, and some of the diagrams are off. While the assembly process is not overly complicated, this can certainly cause some unnecessary confusion.

Buying Advice

While this product is certainly cheaper than a large number of competitive models, the price is still rather substantial. Most retailers will sell this foosball table for around 800 dollars. This table can be found for sale on many online store websites, including Amazon.

Our verdict

Before we get to the final verdict on this product, we wanted to remind you that purchasing any toy or game for your family or rec room comes down to personal preference.

You have to put your money in a product that is actually going to get used.

We find a lot of families just buy games and products that become dust collectors, because they are never played.

The best thing you can do is sit down with your children, or your significant other, and see what they want to play.

If you decide on the game together, we believe it will be more likely that it actually gets used.

With that being said, the Carrom 525.00 Signature is one of our favorite foosball tables on the market right now.

What drew us to this model in the first place was the fantastic Carrom name.

We are big believers in strong brands and reliable manufacturers as we never want you to be disappointed.

This foosball table has been made by people who have been involved with the creation of games for over 100 years!

The build of the product is very durable and it has a lot of impressive features that we believe justify the price point.

This is a product that will not break down on you, and we recommend having some help when you set it up.

Our Rating

[usr 4.2]

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